Pervious Concrete

The foundation of your home can become brittle and weak over time. As this happens, it may start to crumble in areas creating cracks and openings for water to leak inside. The damaged concrete can be found anywhere along your foundation. Any moisture that seeps inside will likely run down the wall creating a visible stain. Water will also collect in pools on the floor near the cove joint (where the wall meets the floor). If you notice leaks or broken sections of concrete in your foundation, contact a professional ASAP before the damage gets worse and leads to additional problems.


SafeBasements™ Waterproofing Systems

Basement Waterproofing Before After

To repair the leaks in your basement, we can install a SafeBasements™ waterproofing system. Our system will prevent future moisture accumulation underneath your home, minimizing potential damage to your walls, floors, or any valuable belongings you may store there. We strive to we offer the most advanced waterproofing system on the market today.

The SafeEdge™ System

The SafeEdge™ system

Our advanced system provides a deeper profile allowing it to cover more surface area than other traditional systems on the market. The increased surface area allows for more water to be directed to a sump pump in faster time than with an alternative system.

Installing SafeEdge

  1. Plastic and cloth are used to cover any vents, flooring, furniture, etc..
  2. Concrete is removed from the perimeter of the home.
  3. Soil in trench is removed to the depth of the footing.
  4. Holes are drilled in each core and joint of the block at the base of the wall.
  5. Drain tile is installed in the excavated trench.
  6. Trench is filled with pea rock to the base of the floor height.
  7. The concrete floor is restored.

SafeDrain™ Waterproofing System

The SafeDrain™ system

This system features a low profile, wide design allowing for adequate floor thickness to be poured over it after installation. The wider design allows for better water flow while reducing hydrostatic pressure.

Installing SafeDrain

  1. Concrete is removed around the perimeter of the basement.
  2. The footing is cleaned, removing soil and gravel.
  3. Weep holes are drilled in the block cells and mortar joints.
  4. The system is installed on top of the exposed footing.
  5. The system is attached to the sump pump.
  6. Concrete is restored.

SafeTrack™ Water Evacuation System

The SafeTrack™ system

Our water evacuation system can be installed without excavating the soil around your home or basement floor. Typically, this system is installed in homes with monolithic floors. Thanks to the easy set up, there is no damage caused to your foundation during the installation of this product.

Installing SafeTrack

  1. The concrete surface adjacent to the perimeter block is scarified.
  2. Weep holes are drilled into the block cells and mortar joints.
  3. The floor is cleaned with fresh water a few times.
  4. The drain is attached to the sump pump.
  5. Two-part epoxy is installed and the system is put into position.
  6. Epoxy is cleaned and the track is left to cure.
  7. The system is flood tested for any leaks.

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